If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you a salt-a-holic?

Are you, like me, a SALT-A-HOLIC? 

If you answered "YES" to this question, you may want to join me on my little journey!

So something I have never told anyone on the You Tube and the Blog worlds, is that I have heart problems! Its all okay, I was born with heart problems, had them fixed, but I will always have a "Dodgy Ticker" as my Mum calls it! So basically this means I really need to be healthy and take care of my body, especially my heart!

Okay, to the salt. I LOVE salt, especially paired with carbs. I can not stop myself putting salt on pasta, potatoes, avocado, rice... ANYTHING and this is such a bad habbit! I also use a lot of the stuff. I also use it in cooking! 

My goal is to rid myself of this addiction. How?


I started on March 5th and will go until April 5th, and I will not use salt in cooking or on my food. I want to make my body not feel the need to crave salt. So far I haven't had an obstacle with this yet, but we will see when I make pasta :S

I think it is important to read up on what salt does to your health (and it aint positive) so HERE IS A LINK to find out more!


  1. You should tr and use garlic pepper :) I dont eat any salt on my food. Lucky for me i cant stand the taste! lol my boyfriend laughs at me when we eat mcdonalds and i wipe every chip with a serviette before i eat it to get the salt off :P

  2. *hands up* I'm definately a salt addict! Love the stuff! Makes food taste amazing!

    I've been trying to limit and only use it sparingly in cooking for seasoning and less on top of my food once done.

    Chippies need salt though!!!

  3. Hi Aimee! Thanks for following my blog! Yours is so cute! :)

    I agree about the salt thing. Table salt is terrible. I usually use Bragg's Liquid Aminos in my food where ever salt is called for. It's flavorful yet low sodium, and the sodium is naturally occurring. This product has no added salt. I don't know if it is a "health food" But I think its a much better option than table salt when you want the taste of "salt". If you want to check out the product here's the link!


    I'll talk to you again soon! :D

  4. First of all, I adore your message about the if slaughter houses have glass window!
    It is so true. I am a salt a holic, and I always have been. But when my mother had her heart attack, it really stopped me cold.
    I have drastically cut back my salt and I only use it in water for pasta and tomatoes...Still not a great thing, but I am trying.
    Congrats, on your new blog!!! I wanted to let you know I joined and I am looking forward to see what you do next!!
    Hugs, Brandi aka, vivaciousvegan!!